Associate Member of the Netherlands
Society of Cinematographers (NSC)

Gif in de cockpit deel 2
Director: Ton van der Ham
Production: Zembla

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‘Poisoned planes – part 2’
In 2010, Zembla uncovered a major problem facing the aviation industry sector: crew members and passengers were breathing in toxic substances caused by oil leaks in the engine. Despite shocked reactions from members of Parliament, then-minister Eurlings saw no cause for alarm. Government intervention was considered unwarranted. Meanwhile, concerns amongst cabin and cockpit crew members have only increased. Flights continue to be aborted on a regular basis due to an unbearable stench in the cockpit and cabin. Forced to return to the point of departure, pilots respond by putting on their oxygen masks; in some cases crew members take ill. Why are even the airlines still insisting that there is nothing out of order? Zembla investigates the “best-kept secret in the aviation world.”
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