Associate Member of the Netherlands Society of Cinematographers (NSC)

Director: Sander Rietveld
Production: Zembla

READ MOREWho knows you best? There are “data brokers” who may just know more about you than your spouse or your best friend. These companies are aware of your interests and your secrets. The data brokers are continuously tracking you through your computer, your tablet and your smartphone. They do so using sophisticated trackers they install on websites. These trackers record everything you do online. For example, they see the clothes you look at or buy. They see where you will be going on holiday. When you search the web for solutions to problems you are having in your relationship or with debt, stress and illness, the data brokers are watching. Your interests and behaviour online happen to be extremely valuable. All of this data is compiled into a profile of you that is sold for a considerable amount of money to marketers, credit assessors, insurers and other interested parties. Can they really just do that? And how can you protect yourself against these practices? Zembla investigates the trade in our data.