Associate Member of the Netherlands
Society of Cinematographers (NSC)

Director Roelof Bosma
Production: De Vijfde Dag

READ MORE‘One family’. False declaration (“Police and justice lie in sex crime case”) During a school outing with his children in 2006, Frans was nabbed by the police without warning. According to his ex-partner, he had abused her for more than 20 years and raped her on a weekly basis. It was the beginning of a three year-long nightmare until the court acquitted Frans in 2009. There was no evidence whatsoever to substantiate his ex-partner’s charges. In the meantime, Frans lost his job, “fled’ the Netherlands and as a result of the entire situation was not allowed to have contact with his children. The Landelijke Expertisegroep Bijzondere Zedenzaken (“National Expertise Group on Exceptional Sex Crimes Cases”) and the University of Maastricht, together with law enforcement, studied the case and revealed how the police and justice made one mistake after the other. Frans talks about how he is still fighting a losing battle despite all of the investigations that exposed the mistakes on the part of police and justice and falsehoods in his ex-partner’s declaration.